2014年8月18日 星期一

A few updates again

one day my friend (柯柯) i met in Taiwan trip recommended this book to us, 來自天堂的66封情書.
don't ever think it is a book about couples. "that number, 66, makes you recall anything?" i asked my friends. most of the answers are 'evil'. it's 66 chapters. 
introduction of the book from internet:
  真正問題應該是:「我的短暫人生,要在上帝愛的故事中,扮演什麼角色?」──萊特博士Christopher J. H. Wright
I'm reading it slowly, because i need to taste the love thoroughly and deeply. it's worthy ready every night.
that cute and fat Sally was given by my colleague, yin yin. 
I love germany. However i only watched their final match. I was so excited to be a witness of their champion and first European team to won in Africa, even I woke up at 3am. 
Since I came back from Taiwan trip, I slept around 10pm every night as I'm so tired. This makes me wake up early in the morning. An expected benefit is the real silent morning moment. I read, surfing my fingers on my phone, pray and hea on my bed freely before the time to wake up. The beat of life tones to a slower one, my temper becomes better. I go to workplace before 9 everyday, whilst I arrived around 9:20 before.
I was sick last month. My mami accompanied me to see a doctor to do some checking. Luckily nothing serious. 
after the checking, we passed by our first home in 大角咀. It's now an old blue building. Mami held my hand and told a lot of story about the old days we had there. 
Mr Tall in Causeway Bay :)
i really like the length of my hair look like in this pic.
When I heard some friends said my hair is much longer now, i didn't aware how long it is. My hair and I live together, how can i recognize its growth? Perhaps, it's similar to our growth in life. One day we look back, we will see we grow up and not like that anymore. the changes happen bit by bit, step by step. No rush, God has his plan and timing. 
Just a little record of my team.
and some more record of my new hell seat. Since i need to handle 2 different systems for additional clients, my wonderful head got a new computer and a new seat to place them all together. I really hate my new place. too open, no privacy and very busy now!
My Mariemekko converse and Mariemekko doggie at Element:) 
That time I was still sick and only had 95lbs. Thanks God that i gained some more weight now. Hopefully no need to consult the doctor 6 mths later~~